Sendoline (Thụy Điển)

Make endodontics simple, more ergonomic and patient friendly, which has since then remained at the core of Sendoline’s focus.

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One of Sendoline’s most important product innovations is the H-file, which was developed in the 1940’s in collaboration with the Swedish doctor Gustav Hedström. The launch of the H-file with its improved cutting ability introduced a new and more effective way for dentists to work. The H-file is still one of the most widely used files around the world today.

In 1980 the S-file® was introduced. The cylindrical core design of the S-file® provides good flexibility and excellent debris transportation. In addition, the double cutting edges provide an even greater cutting ability than the traditional H- or K-files.
The S-file® is simplistically described as a double H-file, and is yet another example of how Sendoline has been able to contribute to the improvements within the endontic field.

In 1990 Sendoline launched its first Nickel Titanium files along with the NiTi-TEE® Rotary file system, used for mechanical cleaning. The unique features of this material are flexibility, safety and dura- bility – major innovations for both dentists and patients.
In 2005 Sendoline AB was acquired by W&H, one of the dental industry’s oldest and most respected dental companies. With a growth excelling most rivals, Sendoline is rapidly making its foot- print in the global dental market by being represented in over 50 countries.


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